Collection of Personal Information


We are committed to maintaining the highest level of security regarding any data we collect.

We collect and process data from the following categories of people:

Healthcare Professionals: principally Consultants, General Practitioners, and Allied Health Professionals. This is the person who is “ordering” the scan. Nearly all scans have to be ordered by a medical professional. Very few imaging centres allow patients to self refer.

The Patient: is the individual who will be scanned.

With your consent we gather the following information:

Healthcare Professional: To be able to book scans via BookMyScan you need to be registered with us. The information we will hold about you is:

The Patient:

The Healthcare Professional will ask for your consent to the above and inform us accordingly.

You can change your mind at any time.  If you change your mind, please email us at



How Do We Use Your Personal Data?

Healthcare Professional: your data will be encrypted on our database. On an occasional basis we will ask you to confirm that it is correct, and we will correct it if it is wrong. With your consent, we may contact you for marketing purposes, including surveys and questionnaires, particularly around the quality of the service we provide. This information will not be shared with any third party.

Patient: your data will be encrypted on our database. Unless there is a complaint or an issue, we will have no need to access your data. This information will never be passed to any outside source other than for:


Storage of personal data

We do not store any personal data outside the European Economic Area. By submitting personal data you agree to the transfer of information to us and the subsequent storage of this data.

We will take all steps to ensure that your data is transferred and stored in compliance with the current data protection laws. 


4th May 2018

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