BMS RIS - Radiology Information System

BookMyScan has developed a cloud based “mini-RIS” which is suitable for small imaging centres or centres with modest patient volumes. It has a modern look-and-feel and is capable of paperless operation.

The system has a number of modules including Scheduling, Reporting, Invoicing, Management Reports and DICOM modality worklists.

We can integrate with a number of PACS systems - including GE Centricity, Intellirad’s Voyager, and Siemens Syngo Plaza.

Our system is very competitively priced and can be bought either as a capital purchase or via a monthly licence fee. For more information please call StJohn Brown on 07786 395435.

Day List
The BMS RIS contains a daily list for all your scans. This can be used by the reception team to direct patients.

There is also a daily list for each scanner. These can be used by the radiographers.
Day List
Weekly Calendar
Weekly Calendar
The BMS RIS contains a weekly calendar for each scanner in your system. This features:
  • drag-and-drop to move appointments around or to alter their duration
  • different colours for different types of appointments. e.g. urgent can be coloured red
  • book a slot by clicking on the gap and filling in the details
Patient History
The patient history collects all the information on a patient:
  • patient details such as date of birth and address
  • all the scans for the patient with any reports and other documents related to the scan such as referral forms
  • any patient documents that have been uploaded
Patient History