BMS PRM - Professional Records Manager

BMS Professional Records Manager (PRM) is a secure, easy-to-use, system for doctors to store and share their documentation for Practising Privileges, and to enable medical centres and hospitals to receive such documentation electronically.

PRM uses the same secure, cloud based technology as ScanShare. Doctors create an account and then they, or their assistants, can upload their relevant documents. Some documents will be one offs – Application Forms, References, Confidentiality Agreements. Others will have expiry dates – MDU/ Indemnity Insurance, Appraisals, Occupational Health, Mandatory Training.

For those documents with expiry dates, PRM will generate a reminder 30 days in advance of the expiry date to both the doctor and the relevant centres.

Doctors will need to set up an account.

Medical Centres and Hospitals who want to use PRM as the basis of their Practising Privileges compliance system will also require an account.

For a demonstration and further details, please contact StJohn Brown on 07786 395435.